Leaders In Hydroponics


Personnel Training

Hydrooze organizes intensive training programs for people who want to make a career in Hydroponics Farming.

Our training programs cover-

  • Plant Growth Mechanism
  • Nutrition Requirements
  • Types of Hydroponic Systems
  • Plant Culture and Disease Management
  • Aquaponics
  • Green House Management and Operations

With our industry oriented courses ,candidates gain hands on experience of farm and equipments in Hydroponics.

Operations management

Post Farm Setup ,it is very much critical to adhere to strict regulations to maintain the farm worthiness.

At Hydrooze we train with all standard operating procedures to follow on daily duty basis. Know More>>>

cultivation techniques

For a Commercial Hydroponics Farm to fulfill goals, cultivation of plants is done based upon its individual goals of profitability.

The nature of cultivation techniques depends upon the crop selection and yield goals.

Hydrooze has best designed cultivation systems to achieve your goals. Know More>>>


Post Harvest Management

Farm Produce is marketable based upon its intrinsic and extrinsic qualities.Proper handling and storage helps reach the produce to end customer at the best value it may fetch, directing post harvest management as directly dependent factor of profitability.Know More>>>