Leaders In Hydroponics

hydrooze expertise in 

Hydroponic Farm setup

The Greenhouse

We employ the best greenhouse from the best maker of polyfilm and structure.

Greenhouse helps in maintaining optimum conditions for maximum photosysnthesis performance,therby increasing the yield and quality of crops. 

the Fertigation System

The design of the entire system falls within NFT,DWC,Dutch Bucket System and Growbag System.

Hydrooze finalizes selection of  system for the entire project based on it’s production goals and crop selection.

Grow Media

We have wide ranges of grow media available in hydroponics. From Coco Peat to Rockwool, Hydrooze procures it from the best certified partners.

The type of grow media we need to implement depends on the crops we have considered growing, factors related to grow media like cation exchange capacity(CEC),water holding capacity(WHC),air filled porosity(AFP),reusability ,recyclability and many more.

Hydrooze designed hydroponic Farms are ahead of times!

Blueprint for a successful farm . blueprint to profitability.