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Hydrooze Cocopeat Blocks

Cocopeat Blocks

Product Specification :

Backed by an in-depth industrial experience, we are happy to offer you a commendable array of Hydrooze Cocopeat Blocks.



Packaging Type





100% Organic

Fibre Percentage

5% Maximum

Sand Percentage

5% Maximum

We have a various range of Coco peat Block produced from raw cocopeat. We use advanced equipment to wash the raw cocopeat. So we get the best of cocopeat block. It is washed, sieved, and dried in sunlight to lay off. This product is used in planting requirements like vegetable gardens, propagating, rose cultivations, turf farming, golf course green as base material or soil, and potting mixes. It is also available in different sizes. We customize the shape and size of the product according to client requirements.

Major specifications of Cocopeat block are:

  • EC level : less than 0.5 ms/cm
  • Compression ratio : 1:5
  • Size 30 X 30 X 12cm= 5 kg
  • Expansion ratio when wet: 75 liter


  • Hydroponics.
  • Rose cultivation and general garden use.
  • Turf farming.
  • Golf course greens.
  • Vegetable gardens.
  • Potting mixes.
  • Bedding medium for earthworms.
  • Bonsai mixes.
  • Propagating.
  • Cut flowers.