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Cultivation techniques

Deep Water Culture

Deep Water Culture consists of growing plants in highly oxygenated solution based on water and fertilizers.

Compared with other cultivation techniques which use grow media like coco peat,perlite or rockwool,DWC employs solution which acts as both substrate and carrier of nutrients.

nutrient film technique

Nutrient Film Technique is based on the principle that the plant grows and develops contact with flowing water carrying oxygen and nutrients.

NFT is widely used hydroponic method due to its easiness to grow plants from salads to strawberries and large plants as well.

Dutch Pots System

Hydrooze designed dutch bucket system is beneficial for commercial farming due to ability to grow large plants like tomatoes, pepper, squash, cucumber and beans .

This system allows row many large plants at once and is also easy to manage plants afflicted with pests and diseases.

Grow Bag System

Hydrooze designed grow bag system is best suited for medium to large plants.

Grow bags need relatively less monitoring in terms of nutrients and water supply due to its best water holding capacity.

Hydrooze grow bags are highly durable and the grow media can be recycled for 2-3 years.