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This is Hydrooze

Leaders in hydroponics

Hydrooze is a market leader in India with 360 Degree solutions from consulting, farm setup, operations, supply materials and retail chains.

What We Do

hydroponics farm setup

Hydroponic Farm Setup

hydroponics daily operation management

Operations Management

hydroponic farm training

Personnel Training

hydroponics crop cultivation techniques

Cultivation Techniques

hydroponics after harvest management

Post Harvest Management

Hydroponics packing and marketing strategy

Packaging & Marketing

why hydrooze

We have the experience to build your farm to success!

We have developed our own growing technologies to suit large scale hydroponic farms that grow fresh culinary vegetables, microgreens and herbs. You can hand over the complete hydroponics project with us and we assure you the best from installation to implementation and marketing.

Complete system Package

We offer complete farm package of system and nutrients.


Hydrooze experts design custom system, solutions and business plans.


We help in marketing of produce from our client's farm.


Have any questions about hydroponics? We are just a call away.

Our Story

What People Say
About Us

We had been researching for some months for a perfect mentor in hydroponics, and came across Hydrooze. We awarded the vast project to Hydrooze after their assurance of proper execution. And Yes, they did execute it according to what they committed. Not just the execution, their post sales service is most appreciable!
Sanjay Venkatesan,
Hydrooze Team is best when it comes to A to Z of Hydroponics.They are very much updated with hydroponics technology world wide and are proactive.Was a great experience to hand over my farm project to them.
Ajay J , Mumbai
Hydrooze Team is very professional be it installations or deadline committments.They have standardized every process of execution that there is no room for errors.
Rudra Pratap Singh,

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