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Hydroponic Farm Setup

We have experienced team for setting up of Polyhouse and the Hydroponic structures of NFT or Aquaponics.

For the project to sustain any external factors, We employ best spares and equipments ,assuring the farm to run full fledged for many years.

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Operations Management

Hydroponics farming is all about maintaing the parameters to secure the best result.

At Hydrooze we train your team to manage day to day activities,right from cultivation to harvest.

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Personnel Training

If you have your hydroponics farm set up and want your people to get trained professionally in hydroponics, we can help you with it.

We will teach your people the best techniques available to handle your farm.

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Cultivation Techniques

Hydroponics is ever upgrading and so does the cultivation techniques.

From choosing the crop to grow media and hydroponic systems like NFT, DWC, Dutch pots and Grow bags, we are expert in every cultivation technique.

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Post Harvest Management

To maintain the nutritional and physical aesthetics of fruits or vegetables in Hydroponics, post harvest management is very vital. Especially, in tropical climates like that of India, it becomes critical factor to prevent the rotting and decay of produce.

Hydrooze gives consultations on maintaining the shelf life after harvest.

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Packaging & Marketing

Hydrooze has wide range of retailers tied up. We help hydroponic farms to market the produce.

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