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Many people have a question that “HOW  TO  START A HYDROPONICS  FARMING  BUSINESS IN  INDIA ?”.Before answering How to start, first, we have to know What is HYDROPONICS  FARMING?

HYDROPONICS FARMING  means growing and selling plants, vegetables, grass, and various forms of greenery to businesses and individuals consumers. It is becoming popular and getting a lot of demand these days.  These farms are usually built-in indoors or in greenhouses .water solvents are supplied to grow the plants rather than soil.  These farms are highly productive and are generating enough revenue to pay overhead expenses and provide goods wages to farmworkers. Hydroponic is environmentally friendly. These Hydroponic vegetables can be directly sold to individuals or local businesses like restaurants etc. In this way,  people can get fresh, nutritious, and tasty produce. So this is Hydroponic farming. So now the question is “HOW  TO  START HYDROPONICS  FARMING  BUSINESS IN  INDIA ?”

Here we will discuss how one can begin their Hydroponic Farm Business, What are the costs involved, and how profitable it is?

How to start your hydroponic farm? 

Firstly you need to choose a  space to grow. People are using their bedrooms, living rooms, and even closets. It totally upon you, what is the scale of business you are looking for. To develop more vegetables on large scale you need a  greenhouse. You can build a Greenhouse, rent it, or purchased it in different sizes. The cost here depends on what is the scale of the business?

For starting you basically need the following things :

  1. Hydroponics system,
  2. Hydroponic nutrients,
  3. An inert hydroponics medium,
  4. A light source, time, and plants. 

From Where you can purchase a HYDROPONICS FARMING system?

These Hydroponics systems can be easily available from a variety of commercial suppliers. You can go for the system as per your requirements.

Hydroponic Nutrients :

 Hydroponic nutrients differ from nutrients or fertilizers used for plants that grow in soil. Just keep it simple and be in touch with any local manufacturer for this. It will save your time and energy. One hydroponic material is not better than another. You just need to decide which one is beneficial for you.

Which Types of lights to be used?

There are different types of lights are available in the market. Some of them are  Metal Halide, High-Pressure Sodium lights, Compact fluorescents, and high-output fluorescents. The main thing to be noted is the spectrum released from the light source.  Metal Halide is popular among many gardeners. You can google and find out what suits you best according to your choice of produce, conditions, and location.

Outdoors  Farms

You can do HYDROPONICS FARMING outdoors also. Hydroponics will also work with sufficient artificial or natural light. This depends on you completely.  

You can cultivate any type of house plant in HYDROPONICS FARMING like Cucumbers, Lettuce, Raddish, or any other leafy greens. The flavor, taste, and nutrition of these vegetables are the same .and the taste of this vegetable is far better than normal fertilized crops.

What will be the price ?

You can keep the different prices for different products. The exact prices you charge are linked with the items you grow and sell. The prices are also links to your local market’s supply and demand. Developed a certain type of produce,  flower, grass, or other item so there is no competition and customers will be more than willing to pay a good amount of money for your unique offering. 

First do market research that which type of vegetable, herbs, general plant, flowers, the grass is high in demand and other competitive people are not cultivating it. You can keep these things like your products so that there is no competition. 

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