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Hydrooze pH Check Machine

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Red, Blue & Yellow


50 gms




Testing (pH) balance, electro-conductivity (EC), and full-scale separated solids (TDS) are essential to productive hydroponics planting.
ScreenDigital LCD


  • EC & TDS these two estimations are utilized to decide the strength of aquaculture arrangement.
  • In spite of the fact that they are broadly utilized they ought to just be utilized as a rule and you ought to consistently adhere to blending directions on the name of your supplement.
  • EC represents Electrical Conductivity and is estimated in mS/cm or millisiemens per centimeter. TDS represents Total Dissolved Solids and is estimated in PPM or parts per million.
  • TDS is obtained by taking the EC worth and playing out an estimation to decide the TDS esteem. Since TDS is really a computation it is truly just an estimate of what the supplement focus is.
  • What’s more, there are three distinctive change components to decide TDS and various producers utilize diverse transformation factors.
  • As such you could test a similar arrangement with two distinct meters and get two entirely unexpected readings.
  • In any case, the EC has perused something very similar by all meters the solitary distinction is the transformation factor.